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        Hilliard & Reed Engineering has over 50 years combined experience in the tool & die industry.  We have designed a wide variety of dies.  From custom Class A carbide dies to C class steel dies on purchased die sets.  The variety of the parts that we have designed dies for have ranged from a delicate .0008" thick formed stainless-steel internal wristwatch component to .312" thick brackets for snowplows.  

        We grew up designing in 2D with Cadkey & AutoCad.  Now, for the past 20 years we have been designing in 3D with SolidWorks.  This has given us the power of designing in 3D while still being able to work with companies that utilize 2D formats.

         Much of our experience was acquired while in the Pennsylvania “Carbide” valley.  With being brought up through the ranks of the industry, earning Journeymen Tool & Die Maker certification and attending school for mechanical design, we have acquired both hands-on experience and knowledge in all aspects of the industry.  Our hands-on experience includes but is not limited to the grinding & machining of precision components, assembling, and debugging of carbide stamping dies as well as automated assembly machines and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of our components. 

         Having all this past shop experience has given us a different perspective to engineering than most.  We realize the importance of manufacturability and the steps that need to be taken to accomplish certain procedures.  Knowing this has allowed us to design components that coincide with the design intent of the project but are also designed with the most cost-effective manufacturing procedures in mind.

         At Hilliard & Reed Engineering, we feel that a die design is only as good as its manufacturability.  This attitude forces us to inquire and learn about our customers’ design needs and equipment capabilities.  In turn, this information will allow us to incorporate your manufacturing abilities into our designs, resulting in a clear and concise manufacturing print package that will keep things running smoothly and help lower your bottom line.  With our experience and ingenuity, we will be a great advantage to your company and will give you the cutting-edge that you need.

         Please take time to contact us today and let us prove to be the asset that you deserve.  Thank-you for your time and attention.