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Professional Tool & Die Engineering Solutions & Consulting


Over 50 Years Combined Experience

Hilliard & Reed Engineering is a state-of-the-art engineering firm for the tool and die industry.† We use the latest 3D software to create complex designs for all our customerís varying needs.† Our continuing reinvestment into our software, Solidworks, combined with our extensive years of experience, allows us to produce the most cost effective yet robust designs for our customers.

While using Solidworks for our tooling designs, we utilize the latest online meeting software to stay connected to our customers.† This allows us to work closely with our customers no matter where they are located.† We can look closely at a customerís part print on our customerís screen and then switch to look at design reviews on our screen.† This allows us to have real conversations with our customers while making sure we are all focused on the same content.

While this online software allows us to stay well connected with our customers it is our creative thinking and ingenuity that shine during these online meetings when we tackle complex situations that arise during the design process.

Hilliard & Reed Engineering takes all of these elements and combines them to give our customers the best design experience possible.